Dragon Ball Super 55 Spoilers: The Omni Tournament; Black Goku?s Super Saiyan Rose

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Dragon Ball Super 55

Dragon Ball Super Episode 54: The Inheritor of Saiyan Blood, Future Trunks? Resolve allowed us to get inside Future Trunks? mind. Overall this episode gave answers to questions we have had for a long time now. New reveals gave viewers more reasons to watch out for Dragon Ball Super 55.

So towards the end of episode 54, we see the Omni-King summoning Goku and a new character is shown in the preview (after end credits). Is this another god of destruction? ?Here are some spoilers and predictions for Episode 55.

The Omni- King wants to meet Goku because of The Omni Tournament and Black.

The Omni Tournament will feature representatives from different multiverses, universe from 1 to 12 perhaps. Zeno will probably talk to Goku about forming a team.

Now about Black Goku, Zeno will probably give Goku information about him and hopefully his location. Though, some fans say that the Omni-King Zeno is not concerned about him. Bearing the title, Lord of Everything, and with the power to wipe out 6 universes – if he was concerned about Black, he could easily find him, more so, defeat him as well if he really wanted to.

Zamasu learns how to use the time rings.

Zamasu learns from Gowasu that:

  • Only a Kaioshin can use the rings and time travel
  • You cannot go back to the past to change the future. Though Gowasu adds that it is prohibited, he didn?t say it cannot be done. This might be vital in the coming episodes.
  • You can only go to the future and see what is happening.

These information brings about questions on how is it that Black is able to alter the future and then go back to the past, destroying Trunks? time machine, when according to Gowasu, this is not possible? Black has been breaking all the rules, surpassing even the gods of destruction and Omni-King, and messes up the flow of time. On the other hand, as we learn more about Zamasu, he is portrayed to have the potential of being a god of destruction as his hate for humans and barbarians intensifies. He said ?as long as humans exist the universe will never have peace.?

Black is not Zamasu and Zamasu is not Black.

Although they may have similar Kis, Black Goku?s Ki is evil while Zamasu?s is not. Whis also points out that Black seemed to know Goku when they fought while Zamasu did not know Goku. Beerus and Whis, and even Goku, is convinced?that Zamasu isn?t bad.

Still, Future Trunks thinks Black could be hiding in Zamasu and with the help of the gods, allowed Zamasu to transform into a human.

Black and Goku will fight again.

Rumor has it that on episode 56 or 57, Black and Goku will fight again and it will be a super saiyan rose versus super saiyan blue. Leaked title of episode 56 is ?The Rematch of Goku vs Black! Super Saiyan Rose appears!!? This could be an indication that we will soon see the new form of Black Goku.

Dragon Ball Super 55

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