Dragon Ball Super 55 Spoilers: Why Did the Omni-King Summon Son Goku?

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There are numerous conclusions to Dragon Ball Super 55; why the king summoned Son Goku, what did he tell him during the meeting and why Beerus even bothered to tell him that the Omni-King wanted to talk to him. Rumors suggest that Son Goku and the Omni-King?s meeting will not go well and this results to a fight between the two.

Dragon Ball Super 55 spoilers reveal that this may be the time when Son Goku realizes that his power has limits and the Omni-King will finally end Son Goku?s life. Meanwhile, others suggest that Son Goku remained quiet the whole time that he?s in a meeting with the Omni-King; what?s really important is that he finds Black Goku and kills him instantly.

Dragon Ball Super 55 was supposed to air on the 14th of August, but it was later rescheduled for August 21 to make way for the Rio Olympics. Dragon Ball Super spoilers also suggest, this is the time when Son Goku will turn to Super Saiyan Blue. When Beerus told him that the Omni-King wanted to meet him, Son Goku first inquired why he wanted to meet him, but later complied and met with the King.

Previous spoilers also tell how Vegeta trained with Future Trunks as well. Dragon Ball Super 55 entitled ?Hey, I Wanna Meet Son Goku. A Summons from the Omni-King!? tells the real and solid reason why the Omni -King wanted to meet with Son Goku.


Is Zamasu tied up with Black Goku too? Recent revelations suggest Zamasu is the one controlling Black Goku, could it be the reason why Son Goku had a hard time fighting him? Zamasu and Black Goku recently exposed how they have similar Ki?s, giving new meaning to deception with if ever Zamasu was in cahoots with Black Goku. As the series develops, Zamasu will become Black Goku?s enemy as he tries to eliminate his master using the Potara ring. The Potara rings will now be used by Zamasu in order to control Black Goku.

Dragon Ball Super 55 will air on the 21st of August in the FUJI TV network.

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