Dragon Ball Super 55 Introduces Daishinkan, The Most Powerful Character in the 12 Universes So Far

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Since we have already seen Dragon Ball Super 55, it is easier to tell who the strongest character of the 12 universes is. ?We also did a careful analysis of the new character that has a terrible power.

Dragon Ball Super 55 undoubtedly revealed a lot. Fans were able to obtain more information about a new character. We have waited long enough to get hold of what we know now. The previous chapter also put an end to our doubts.

And so we have learned that the name of the strongest character is Daishinkan. He is also known as Shinkan. Shinkan is actually his real name. What?s so special about him is that he has an amazing power.

Daishinkan?s power is bigger than that of Wiss and Vados. In fact, even if both of their powers were put together, it will be nothing compared to Daishinkan?s.

The appearance of Daishinkan does not actually come as a surprise. Fans have heard countless rumors about his appearance during the entire series of Dragon Ball Super. It was earlier stated that this character is going to appear soon. And when he does, fans will see him with a strange personality.

It seems like no one could ever beat his power, at least for now. Wiss used to posses the strongest power in the 12 universes. Before Daishinkan came in, Vados is also considered to be one of the most powerful characters. But both Wiss and Vados are now dethroned.

Given the fact that Daishinkan is now the most powerful character in the series, he could play a very important role. Rumor has it that he will be the trainer of Goku. If that happens, fans would surely be looking forward to see him train one of the most well-loved characters of the series.

Whatever his role might be, the high priest will still be in charge of the masters of the destroyers? gods of the 12 universes.

Masaya Takatsuka will be the voice actor to play the high priest Daishinkan. Takatsuka is a popular actor who had also lent his voice for several animated series like One Piece, Inuyasha, and Yu-Gi-Oh.


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