Dragon Ball Super 55 Update: Airing of New Episode in September to be Delayed Yet Again

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Dragon Ball Super 55

August 21 could not come any sooner, and waiting for two weeks for a new Dragon Ball Super episode is excruciating for fans. Fuji TV pushed back the airing of Dragon Ball Super 55 from August 14 to August 21 to broadcast the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil. Now rumor has it that another delay will happen in September.

It was said that the affected episode will be episode 59, which will air on September 25 instead of September 18. The cause of delay is said to be the 40th anniversary celebration of the Osamu Akimoto?s Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo (Kochikame), a police comedy manga. Kochikame will air its special anime on Fuji TV on September 18.

Kochikame is a Japanese comedy that centers on the life of Ryoutsu, an underpaid policeman. He seems to always come up with ways to earn money fast. Ryoutsu ends up getting in trouble with the Buchou because of his ridiculous ideas and his plans gone wrong.

The official website of Kochikame announced on Monday that the anniversary television anime special will air on Fuji TV on September 18 at 9 am which is the same time slot of Dragon Ball Super. The Kochikame special will be one-hour long. Sorry, DBS fans!

Dragon Ball Super 55

But going back to Dragon Ball Super 55, another prediction surfaced in the forums. Fans speculate that Zamasu will kill Gowasu soon. In the preview trailer of Dragon Ball Episode 55, Gowasu is seen reclaiming the Potara earrings. There is a possibility that Zamasu would not be able to contain his hate toward humans anymore as he believes they do nothing but destroy the peace. This is said to be Zamasu?s motive to kill his master and take the Potara earrings and the Time Ring. If this happens, then Future Trunks could be right about Zamasu.

Could this suggest that Zamasu is controlling Black Goku via the Potara earrings? Let us know what you think on the comments section below.

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