Dragon Ball Super 55 Aired in Japan; See Where You Can Watch Episode 55

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Dragon Ball Super 55 aired in Fuji TV in Japan on Sunday, August 21, but fans who wish to watch the replay of the episode can go to DBTime or WatchDBS online. Dragon Ball Super 55 featured the meeting of Son Goku and the Omni-King. In episode 55, Son Goku will arrive in Beerus? planet to ask why the Omni-King has summoned him. Beerus and Whis will tell him that they have no idea. Despite this, Son Goku believes he is being summoned because of the Grand Tournament that the Omni-King is planning.

Beerus warns him to abide with the Omni-King?s request or they will have to face a difficult battle. Son Goku did not heed the advice, causing the Omni-King to declare war between them. The Omni-King is the leader of the series and he is considered the King of all the 12 universes. Because Beerus and Whis want to save Universe 7, they have hoped for Son Goku to heed the King?s request.

Goku will have second thoughts as the machine to time travel has just been finished by Bulma. Goku wants to time travel and fight Black Goku, but it?s also important that the Omni-King will not hear any of these plans.

Dragon Ball Super 55 also features the relation between Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais. The connection is that they?re one, and if one of them dies, the other one will follow. Whis took this pattern when Piccolo died and was followed lately by Kami.

However, Whis is more worried about the fate of Berrus if the Supreme Kai dies. Dragon Ball Super 55 mainly teases all upcoming fights and challenges, but didn?t actually feature scenes that could advance the series. According to Attack of the Fanboy, fans will not be losing big chunks of information on Dragon Ball Super 55 as it merely features fight scenes that doesn?t really show any development for the next episode.


The Omni-King has not shown Son Goku what could happen if he turns down his request, but things could get ugly.

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