Dragon Ball Super 54 Spoilers: Future Trunks Goes Sparring with Vegeta; Goku Returns to Earth

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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super 54 will see Future Trunks inviting Vegeta to go sparring with him. ?Future Trunks’ parents are Vegeta and Bulma. He is a human hybrid son, and also a Saiyan. Vegeta grants his request. It looks like he does not go easy on his son. It could become some sort of challenge for him.

Krillin claimed that he has his own family. Though he could not help but feel intrigued with the family of Future Trunks. It was awkward for him to claim that he has his own. But he actually has a family. His wife is Android 18 and they have a daughter together named Maron.

The leading protagonist of Dragon Ball Super went back to Earth. Goku was able to make it successfully into Earth in Dragon Ball Super 54. He was with Beerus and Whis. Since Goku has returned, Future Trunks took it as an opportunity to ask for some words of wisdom. The Saiyan from the future eagerly wanted to know if Vegeta will agree to spar with him.

Goku was sure that Vegeta would accept Future Trunks’ invite for a sparring session. However, he does not have any idea as to why Future Trunks wanted to challenge Vegeta.

Just as soon as Saiyan Vegeta arrived, he looked at his son and expressed sharp criticism. Their training has begun. After a certain period of time, Vegeta transformed into his Super Saiyan God form.

Following his transformation, Vegeta challenged Future Trunks if he can hit him. He made a deal with him that if he does, he will obtain a reward.

According to reports, Future Trunks took the challenge seriously. He transformed into his most powerful form. He transformed into Super Saiyan 2.

Then Dragon Ball Super 54 will shift direction and show another setting where fans can now see what Zamasu was up to. Supreme Kai’s confusion was also shown. The character was tangled why people still like to fight. Make sure to check out the episode and more exciting updates to come.

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