Dragon Ball Super 53 Spoilers: Black Goku’s Connection to Universe 10 and Zamasu Revealed?

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Despite the delay of Dragon Ball Super 53, fans are very much looking forward to watching this next chapter unfold this coming Sunday, July 31. The episode entitled ?Reveal Black’s True Identity! Off to the Kaioshin Realm of Universe 10″ will hopefully truly reveal more of Black Goku?s true identity. According to reports, a new character named Zamasu from Universe 10 will join the next episode.

Now, Goku and his team will start their journey to Universe 10 to find the Ki that Black Goku used to defeat Son Goku. But upon reaching the place, they met Zamasu, who happens to have the Ki as Black Goku. A fight between Zamasu and Goku will ensue to determine whether he is the right owner of the Ki.

Meanwhile, the resemblance of the Ki to what Black Goku wore were very similar, which brings speculations that, Zamasu might be Black Goku as well. In Dragon Ball Super?it is also hinted that Zamasu may also be the Supreme Kai as he?s also a descendant of the King Kai.

?Dragon Ball Super? episode 54 entitled ?Inheritor of Saiyan Blood: Trunks’ Resolve? will reveal the true inheritor of the Saiyan Blood. Rumors suggests that neither Goku, Goten or Trunk will inherit it. Could this be a hint that another character will join ?Dragon Ball Super??

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Vegetta, on the other hand, will offer to train Future Trunks, telling him ?I?m going to give you some training.? Despite the three warriors inheriting their Super Saiyan powers from their father, it seems a bleak idea that one of them will inherit the Saiyan Blood.

Reports about the fight between Goku and Zamasu will lean towards speculation that Goku is actually fighting Black Goku. Although it seems like Goku is winning the fight, Black still has two transformations that he can use to defeat Goku.

Gohan, the eldest son of Goku, will also fight, but while he chose to study the concept of fighting, his strength will slowly fade, until Future Trunks returns to revive that strength again. Are you excited to see the rest of the Dragon Ball Super?episodes? Make sure to read on TheBitbag.

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