Dragon Ball Super 53 Recap: Goku and Zamasu Fight; Could Zamasu be Black Goku?

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Dragon Ball Super 53

Here?s what we know so far based on the events of the recently released Dragon Ball Super 53, continuing on from episode 52.

Who is Zamasu?

Picking up from where we see Beerus, Whis and Goku traveling the multiverse in search of Black Goku?s identity, they went off to Universe 10 because they felt Black Goku?s power in there. Whis talks about a certain Zamasu, who is training to be Kai under Gowasu.

Zamasu is curious about humans and dislikes them. We see Gowasu telling him that Kais shouldn?t kill humans – which sounded like an impending warning for him. Zamasu also feels that it is wrong for Kais to be interacting with humans because he feels they are inferior beings, thus, the ill feeling towards Beerus and Whis, who are with Goku.

Black Goku is a Kai

Aside from his costume and earring that resembles the Great Saiyaman?s, looking closely at Black Goku?s right hand, you will see a time ring, which according to Beerus and Whis, is only given to supreme Kais. Both Zamasu and Gowasu are unaware of Black Goku and are wondering how he got a time ring. Beerus brings this up and checks Zamasu?s and Gowasu?s time rings. Since no time rings are missing, Black Goku could have stolen his from someone else.

Dragon Ball Super 53

Black Goku

Zamasu and Black Goku have similar Ki?s

In Dragon Ball Super 53, we see Goku, who as usual, is itching to fight someone. He then challenges Zamasu, which Gowasu believes would be a good idea. This way Zamasu will get to know Saiyans or humans better. Beerus warns Zamasu to be careful or he might die in the hands of Goku. This is the first time that Zamasu learns that there are humans who are strong like gods.

True enough, as Goku fights Zamasu, he sees the resemblance of Zamasu?s fighting style and Black Goku?s. This confirms what Beerus is sensing all along, that the two, Zamasu and Black Goku, have the same power level.

As the two continue to fight, Zamasu is taken aback by how Goku is overpowering him. Goku on the other hand, sees Zamasu as someone who is stronger than the Supreme Kai from Universe 7. The fight ends with Goku?s fist right in front of Zamasu?s face. Zamasu reluctantly takes hold of Goku?s hand to stand up. This probably crushed his pride. Zamasu wanted to fight again but Gowasu told him to show some respect as if to remind him that the fight was over.

Zamasu could be Black Goku

The similarities between Black Goku and Zamasu?is hard to ignore. With this, we can consider the possibility of Zamasu becoming Black Goku in the future. Beerus expressed that maybe he should kill Zamasu just incase he turns out to be a sinister. However, Goku believes Zamasu is not a threat and that they should leave him alone for now.

In the coming Dragon Ball Super episodes, for sure, more clues will be discovered about the identity of Black Goku and his connection to Zamasu.

We?d like to hear your theories on Dragon Ball Super 53 and Black Goku?s identity. Post them on the comments section below.

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