Dragon Ball Super 52 Spoilers: Gohan to Finally Fight Black Goku?

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Dragon Ball Super Ep. 49 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super 52 airs this Sunday on Fuji TV. The upcoming episode is as usual, popular among the spoiler news. There is no doubt the clash between Gohan and Black is going to take place, the question is if the fight will come into place in this episode.

It is reported that in the upcoming episode “‘Master and Pupil Reunion: Son Gohan and Future Trunks”, Gohan will meet Future Trunks after a long time. Gohan has grown up and Trunks will be surprised to know that he has become a scholar. The trailer release on YouTube indicates that more details on Black Goku’s identity will be revealed and he is supposed to be in Universe 10.

It is expected that Future Trunks will convince Gohan to fight Black Goku in Dragon Ball Super 52. This could cause the battle between Black Goku and Gohan and ultimately the scholar being able to help save the Earth.

Meanwhile, Bulma would repair the Time Machine that was destroyed by Black Goku in episode 50. While she is repairing the machine to help Future Trunks get back to his own world, she discovers that the machine gets its driving force from an unknown energy.

Watch Trailer of ?Dragon Ball Super episode 52 with English sub-titles

On the other hand, Black Goku now wants to know more about the Super Saiyan to make himself stronger before he battles with Gohan again.

According to fans and spoiler news alike, Gohan may be the one to finally defeat Black Goku. It was said that in Dragon Ball Super 52, Future Trunks will ask Goku’s son to come with him to the future and see the chaos that the villain has inflicted on the world for himself. To know what happens next, viewers will have to wait for Sunday.

Although, the story is quite impressive, there are also chances that the fight will not take place in this episode as it is reported that creators have planned 72 episodes of ?Dragon Ball Super?. It is obvious that the creators will reserve the big fight for the last episode. So, the chances of battle in Dragon Ball Super 52 are thin.

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