Dragon Ball Super 47: The Beginning of Future Trunk Saga

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Dragon Ball Super 47

Dragon Ball Super 47 aired on Sunday, June 12, 2016 in Japan. The episode is said to to be the beginning of Future Trunk Saga, at the same time the first appearance of Black, the evil version of Goku from the future.

Dragon Ball Super 47 begins with Future Trunk trying to run away from his enemy who only appears as a shadow. As Trunks tries to get away from the shadow who?s coming after him, he finally retreats to his mother?s lab, Bulma, who is working on the Time Machine and its juice.

Dragon Ball Super 47

Unfortunately, the shadow found them and blasted the entire building. Prior to the explosion, Trunk saw that the shadow had single-handedly held on to Bulma by the neck. He was able to salvage the juice that his mother had been working on for over a year. He proceeds to Mai, and told her what happened in his mom?s lab. He also mentioned that Black (obviously, he knew only too well who the shadow was) killed his mother. After narrating the sad plight of his mom and the lab, he then told Mai that they had a chance to go back to the past.

Dragon Ball Super 47

The scene then shifted to the present time, wherein Goku and Piccolo had to harvest the crops. But then when Krillin arrived and was telling everyone on the field that Vegeta had gone training with Whis and Beerus, Goku overheard him and tried to locate Vegeta. When he realized that Krillin was telling the truth, he then left Piccolo and went straight to where Vegeta and Whis did the training. Unfortunately, Vegeta, who was about to hit Whis, accidentally hit Goku on the face. The next scene was the four of them were already eating ramen.

The ending scene of Dragon Ball Super 47 was in the future timeline. Black had already shown his face. As expected, he looks a lot like Goku. He vowed that Saiyan (of course referring to Trunk) would die that day.

It appears also that Trunk has not traveled back to the past in Dragon Ball Super 47. Perhaps, this will happen in episode 48, which will air earlier than expected. The countdown in Dragon Ball Time net states that DBS 48 goes live in 5 days 17 hours and counting as of press time.

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