Dragon Ball Super 35 Spoilers: Will The Wrath of Vegeta Be Unleashed in His Battle Against Frost?

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Dragon Ball Super Spoilers, Dragon Ball Super 35

Dragon Ball Super continues to heat up as the tournament between Champa?s and Beerus? camps are squaring off in the platform. Episode 35 will be released based on its schedule. Spoilers are now focused on Vegeta, who we?ve seen as very eager to fight off Frost.

In the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta jumped down unto the platform as he insisted on fighting Frost. Would the vain Saiyan Z fighter be able to unleash his wrath toward Frost after he realized that the space warrior has been cheating in the fight?

Design N Trend says that Dragon Ball Super 35 will be an epic battle between Vegeta and Frost. Vegeta will attempt to takedown Frost as the Z fighter steps into the plate. The report also states that this will be an interesting battle because Frost has not yet actually revealed his maximum strength.

What the fans have seen so far is that the emperor of Universe 6 had a secret weapon concealed under his metal plate and worn on his right wrist. He was then busted when Vegeta asked the announcer to check on Frost, and we all found out that he was hiding a poisonous needle.

A preview trailer of Dragon Ball Super 35 has been released already. However, there is really nothing much to see as far as the match of Vegeta and Frost is concerned. But do you think Vegeta will be able to defeat his space pirate opponent in this match?

In Reddit forum, a fan with a user named Mysteryprizefighter said that Frost will most likely be defeated by Vegeta (no one really likes a cheater). He also predicted that Magetta will lose but Cabba and Hit will also win. However, Yibada says that the battle of Frost and Vegeta is somehow a surprise because it has been proven that the fighter from universe 6 has cheated. Although, Piccolo was declared winner by disqualification, it is implied that Frost must have inflicted poison on Goku. If that?s proven, shouldn?t he be out of the game already?

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