Dragon Ball Super 35 Spoiler And Update: Hit To Fight Frost? Release Date Delayed?

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Dragon Ball Super is really getting more interesting and as fans eagerly wait for the release of the next episode, here is another possibility of what is going to happen in Episode 35.

It can be recalled that during Episode 34 of the anime series titled Piccolo Vs Frost! Bet Everything On The Makankosappo, Piccolo was defeated by the villain Frost of the Universe 6. The foe also defeated Super Saiyan Goku prior to that match. However, it was a mystery how the character defeated the powerful hero and the Namekian despite losing for almost the entire round.

Unfortunately for Frost, his trick was revealed which led to his disqualification. But, Vegeta asked the referee to let the villain fight him and Piccolo to forfeit the win. Both camps agreed with the request and the next bout at hand is between the Saiyan Prince and the Universe 6?s Frost.

Now, let us discuss the upcoming Episode 35. It was already reported that Vegeta would go all out in their fight and would leave no room for Frost to win. However, in a report from Design & Trend, it is said that Hit would interfere with the two fighters.

The outlet mentioned the trailer of Episode 35 which showed the stoic fighter entering the arena and standing in front of Frost. But, there are still no clues as to what Hit would do to his teammate because the scene?s preview took only a few seconds before it ended.

Hit and Frost belong in the same team, Universe 6, under the God of Destruction, Champa. So, if both of them would fight, that would mean their team is officially disbanded and the tournament would end with no definite winner. This Hit-Vs-Frost prediction could also go along with the fact that Champa got mad with Frost because of the bad characteristics he possesses. Maybe, it would be Champa who will give the order for Hit to finish Frost.

Another thing is that, in a previous report, it was said that Hit could be the next major villain in the series, which would mean Goku and his comrades would go up against the character. Does that mean that Hit?s next move would signify the start of the war? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Unlike what was previously announced, Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 will air on March 20, 2016 instead of March 13 because Fuji TV is taking a break, said Yibada.

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