Dragon Ball Super 35 Reveals Goku Coming Back To Tournament? Frost Went Down With a Single Punch?

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Dragon Ball Super chapter 35 has now been aired. Vegeta and Frost?s fight is finally happening. The episode also reveals that Goku will still continue his participation in the tournament because Frost cheated during their fight.

Dragon Ball Super 35 seems to be an interesting episode as Vegeta went like a ?one-punch man? mode while fighting Frost. The space pirate who had cheated while fighting Goku and Piccolo has now been thrown out of the platform when Vegeta gave him a strong quick uppercut. Though the super Saiyan Z fighter said that he didn?t release all his powers on Frost.

The fight was obviously contrary to what many devoted fans of Dragon Ball Super expected. Prior to the release of DBS 35, many speculated that the fight will be brutally long and exciting, thus with it being extended ito episode 36. Surprise! Surprise! It is contrary to what was expected. It was the quickest fight so far and Frost is now eliminated from the game.

After the fight of Vegeta and Frost, it was found out that Goku had a prick mark of a needle. Obviously, he got that from Frost, who used the needle to make him feel woozy. However, as Goku had been reinstated, Beerus wants him to fight next. But Goku seemed not to be okay with it, he thinks Monaka has to go first. This turned into a short argument. Attack of the Fanboy says ?Beerus wants him to go before Monaka as he?s the strongest in the team. Goku, however, wanted to go on last.?

Now the unexpected thing happened, a new rule had been added to the tournament. This made Beerus furious and confronted Champa for always modifying the rules. Nevertheless, the tournament continued with Vegeta and Magetta. This was where Dragon Ball Super 35 ended, after several bouts between the metal-man who spat lava on the prince of Saiyans. The last scene showed Magetta trying to power up and brew so much lava in his body.

How do you think this fight will end up? Do you think Vegeta will be able win unscathed? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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