Dragon Ball Super 34 Reveals Frost?s True Colors! DBS 35 Spoilers, Vegeta Insists on Fighting Frost?

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Dragon Ball Super 34 is another action-packed episode. Like the previous episodes of DBS, ?Piccolo VS Frost. Bet Everything on the Makankosappo? is straight in delivering the battle between the Namekian Z fighter and the space pirate. What is surprising in this episode is that it reveals the true colors of Frost, which of course infuriates Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Super 34 gives a big surprise with the revelation of the true nature of Frost. It appears that he is not a better version of Frieza?s race. He seemed to be friendly and sportsmanlike enough at first. We see Frost congratulating Goku for ?providing him with a hard-fought battle.? But Jaco didn?t seem to buy the gesture. The intergalactic space patroller thought that something was not right with how Frost behaved. Perhaps it is not only Jaco who felt that. Dragon Ball Super fans have already been wondering since episode 33 ended – how could he have defeated Goku that easily?

In this episode, the battle of Piccolo and Frost starts right away. And it was obvious that Piccolo wanted to finish him off immediately, so he made use of his Makank?sapp?. But it looked like Frost was prepared for everything. Whether it was the special beam of the Namekian warrior or his multi-form technique, both moves didn?t work on Frost. The space pirate was able also to escape from the grip of Piccolo?s extended arm, as Frost moved his free arm to it.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, ?Jaco notices that Frost might be cheating as he looks like he?s using a needle to make the other fighters dazed and woozy.? This suspicion made Vegeta ask the announcer to check on Frost if he was using something prohibited during the fight. True enough, a needle was concealed in the metal plate he?s wearing on his right wrist.

So, Frost?s victory was disqualified since he cheated and Piccolo was declared the winner of this match. However, Vegeta interrupted the announcer and told everyone that he wanted to fight Frost. And that?s what we all have to look forward to, folks! The epic battle of Frost and Vegeta will commence in Dragon Ball Super episode 35.

Do you think Vegeta would defeat Frost, now that he knows the evil emperor is using a needle to cheat in the fight? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

You can watch the full episode of Dragon Ball Super 34 here.

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