Dragon Ball Fusions US Release Comes Earlier: Game Coming To North America in November 22

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Fans in North America will surely be delighted to know that the Dragon Ball Fusions US release will be earlier than expected. However, fans in Europe may be dismayed to learn that the release is still set on February 2017.

It was initially announced back in September that the Dragon Ball Fusions US release will be on December 13. Now previous reports claim that it will be released three weeks earlier than the original plan. That means Dragon Ball Fusions will be coming to the region on November 22. Isn?t that the best holiday gift?

News about Dragon Ball Fusions coming in earlier is actually a refreshing news for several fans. Amid reports that the game will be delayed, Bandai Namco opted to release the fusion-frenzy action-RPG at an earlier date in North America.

According to its description, Dragon Ball Fusions is the latest Dragon Ball experience to hit the Nintendo 3DS platform. It is an Action-RPG game that combines fighting, customization, and collecting elements that gets several players hooked.

Perfect Thanksgiving Gift

Some fans are left wondering why Bandai Namco opted to change the Dragon Ball Fusions US release to an earlier time. Bandai Namco did not reveal the reason why it did, but nevertheless, fans in North America are happy.

Perhaps Dragon Ball Fusions releasing early has something to do with the forthcoming Thanksgiving holiday. The sales for Dragon Ball Fusions will surely be good. It will most likely sell better during Black Friday than it would in the middle of December.

Dragon Ball Fusions includes a large roster of characters that span across Dragon Ball through Dragon Ball Super. In order to improve their character?s abilities, players must fight, customize, and collect items.

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