Dragon Ball FighterZ Is Nothing Like Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

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Dragonball Fighter Z
Source: Dragon Ball FighterZ – XB1/PS4/PC – Gameplay session #2 video

As of late, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite are being constantly compared with each other since the former was unveiled at E3 2017. Both games feature team battles and fill the screen with constant action. However, Dragon Ball FighterZ works entirely different than Capcom’s fighter.


The upcoming Dragon Ball fighting game is made by Arc System Works and Bandai Namco Entertainment, and it definitely shows in its gameplay and presentation. Dragon Ball FighterZ has Guilty Gear Xrd in its visuals and gameplay systems. Guilty Gear Xrd’s anime visuals rendered in 3D Unreal Engine 4 and dynamic camera technology is certainly present in this game. Bandai Namco Entertainment takes some nods from its Naruto fighting game’s visuals to give justice to Dragon Ball’s planet shattering battles, explosions, and clashes. Finishing an opponent with a super move will briefly show the magnitude of the attack as if looking from a space station.

Currently, many fans are dissatisfied with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite’s visuals. The previous Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom definitely has more better-looking characters to it. Moreover, fans are disappointed with the lack of X-men characters in the roster. As much as fanservice justice and character appearance is concerned, Dragonball Fighter Z has the upper hand right now.

Basic Movement Options

True to the “anime” fighting game style, this approach nicely fits Dragon Ball FighterZ. Normally, a fighting game can be considered an “anime” if their characters can dash in mid-air. Over-the-top action and super move visuals are optional as many combos are born from intimate knowledge of an anime fighting game’s systems instead of super move spamming.

On the other hand, Infinite reserves air dash to select characters, particularly those who look acrobatic or can float. Chun-Li, Captain Marvel, and Dante can be the “anime” characters solely because of their flexible air movement. Other characters are restricted to regular jumps, super jumps, and ground dashes to move around. However, this is based from the characters found in the Story Demo and could be subject to change on release.

Different Style of Tag Team Battle

Obviously, Dragon Ball FighterZ’s 3on3 tag team battle setup instantly triggers fans to compare it to Capcom’s title. So far, Capcom’s Marvel vs Capcom series have popularized this tag team fighting game setup. This was the norm for Marvel  vs Capcom 2 up until their previous game, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Dragon Ball FighterZ does look similar but certainly plays differently.

Meanwhile, fans also consider Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite to be a 3v3 game if you count the Infinity Stone as the third character. The known Infinity Stones are the Power Stone, Reality Stone, Space Stone, Time Stone, Mind Stone and Soul Stone. However, getting your two characters knocked out will cause you to lose the match though.

Special Systems

Both games condense special movements into single button presses which are normally difficult to do consistently in past fighting games.

Guilty Gear Xrd’s Dust move is translated into Dragon Ball’s famous flurry of fists attacks in FighterZ. If landed cleanly, this move could send foes in the air and continue into another combo. Players also have a chase move where the character flies toward the enemy a la Dragonball style to close the gap between them. Lastly, Dragon Ball FighterZ includes a teleport strike which immediately places your character behind the enemy and send them flying away.  Overall, Arc System Works’ fighting games promote active combat and movement with its tools, which newer players and Dragon Ball fans might love.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite’s has two of its buttons allotted for tagging out and using Infinity Stones. The previous Marvel vs Capcom 3 normally bound the tag out command by pressing two buttons at the same time. Its Infinity Stone resource, X-Factor, was activated through pressing all four attack buttons at the same time. Each of the six Infinity Stones have different effects when used. In Infinite, players won’t have to worry about forgetting these commands as all important basic tools are bound to one button.


Maximillian Dood confirmed in his via that Dragon Ball FighterZ has special moves that need movement prompts to activate. However, it’s not too complicated to do as the playable cast mostly have “Hadouken” and “Down Down” motions, which are the easiest special move prompt in all of fighting games.

Meanwhile, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has pre-made combos that can be done by simply mashing the Light Punch button. Executing Marvel vs Capcom Infinite’s super moves, Hyper Combos, can easily be done if both Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick are pressed at the same time.

Mixing easy execution with their helpful can both lead to an easy learning experience for both games. However, these games have different tools which means combos will look and work different for them.

Escape Tools

One of the many problems some have with fighting games getting cornered and constantly pummeled until they run out of health. This issue is fixed through escape tools built into the title. Dragon Ball FighterZ has its own version of the “Burst” escape tool through the lightning bolt icon near the middle of the screen. Players can instantly switch out their character while blocking if they use this button. This is a great way to save your characters from dying. However, this resource can only be used once so be sure to use them when really necessary.

Infinite also has this escape tools but uses super move meter instead of a separate resource. With two bars, players can interrupt a combo with their partner character. Overall, both games offer a panic button to rely on if you’re getting beat in these titles. In previous Marvel vs Capcom titles, both competitive and casual players can only hope they land on the floor or their enemy misses a hit.

Easy To Play Fighting Game Games

According to the Capcom Unity Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Breakdown, the developers intended to make things easier for newcomers to get in while not hurting its high level play. Dragon Ball FighterZ may not inherit Arc System Works’ titles inherent difficulty as the E3 2017 demo characters lacked any difficult moves, like 360 and charge inputs, in their movelists. Nevertheless, these “Marvel vs Capcom”-like titles are good fighting game entry points as they’re simple enough to help you play well beyond mashing buttons.

Waiting For Release

To be fair, both games haven’t been released yet. Capcom and Arc System Works still has some time to add more polish to their game before they come out. However, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite releases in September, which isn’t enough time to make significant improvements. Meanwhile, Dragon Ball FighterZ is scheduled for an early 2018 release and its devs said they’re only at 20% in its development.

So far, Dragon Ball FighterZ has a much faster pace due to having many movement options than Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. It’ll just be up to the player’s tastes if they like their new fighting games fast or slightly less faster. Despite the advantages and disadvantages in both games, the worldwide fighting game community and its fans will be there to support the game. As long as the game doesn’t feel too disappointing and hard to play, that is.

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