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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Krillin and Piccolo Officially Confirmed For The Game

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All nine fighters have been confirmed for the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta test, with Krillin and Piccolo revealed as the two newest characters to join the game. Both fighters have been in pretty much every Dragon Ball game, but it’s still nice seeing them confirmed as playable characters. The fighters were revealed in the latest issue of V-Jump magazine, with some of their unique features detailed for the reader.

Siliconera translated some of the article, confirming that Krillin’s Destructo Disc – or Kienzan if you want to get technical – can be charged up for more damage. When fully charged the move will be unblockable, making the move one of the deadliest attacks in the fighter, assuming no one hits him while charging. Krillin will also have his Scattershot attack that he used to kill the Saibamen in the Saiyan arc, which should deal plenty of damage to the opponent.

Piccolo always had one of the best move-sets in the series, so it’s no surprise seeing a number of his signature moves in Dragon Ball FighterZ. The Namekian fighter will be able to stretch his limbs for long-range physical attacks, something fans always like seeing from him. He will also have some of his deadliest attacks in the game, like the Special Beam Cannon – which he used to kill Raditz and Son Goku – and the Light Grenade from the Android/Cell Saga.

Despite not being heavily featured in Dragon Ball Super, Krillin and Piccolo have remained fan favorites thanks to their character arcs from the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. The two fighters are currently part of the Universal Survival arc, though Krillin was eliminated by Frost early on. It will be interesting to see who else gets added to the game, though we at least know the complete beta test roster.

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