Dragon Ball Episode 51 Spoilers: Will Black Goku kill Goku? Does He Have a Weak Spot?

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If there?s anything we can learn from the past episode of Dragon Ball Super, it?s that Black Goku?s unusual power can surpass the most skilled of warriors, maybe including that of Son Goku. Prior to their battle, rumors suggest that Son Goku may be able to win against Black Goku. But as they battled and we saw Son Goku using his powerful skills and transformed into Super Saiyan, it seems that this thrills and excites Black Goku; he is not at all frightened to lose to Son Goku. Is it because he won?t lose at all? Their battle is cut short because of the time machine but now the question of Black Goku;s secret power starts to rise: Does Black Goku have a totally different super power from the rest of the superheroes?

There?s something different about him and his apparent wearing of the Time Ring. They say it could be the one thing that makes him super strong and made him able to battle with Goku without getting scared of losing. And rumors are, it may also be his weak spot. Can anybody among the superheroes take the Time Ring away from Black Goku? Will it really weaken him during the process?

Meanwhile, we see Present Mai at the end of the episode getting badly hurt during the encounter that apparently, she wasn?t able to join Future Trunks in finding Vegetta and Goku to fight against Black.

Meanwhile, it looks like the love team between Future Trunks and Present Mai is growing as Future Trunks can?t seem to say something that will scare Little Mai. In fact, when Trunk?s father Bulma asked him if there was anything bothering him, he just gave a ?small sigh and remained quiet the whole time. Now, Bulma has introduced a time machine to the whole group, something that will lead them to the future. Bulma calls it Black Goku Mirai Operation.

Apparently, the death of Present Mai bothered Future Trunks that he?s unable to do what he?s supposed to. Unknowingly, Present Mai is still alive, or at least that?s what the latest episode hinted when it showed Mai?s fingers twitched a little. Black Goku may have failed to secure her death and now, the group must act fast in order to save her and prevent Black from discovering that she is still alive. Dragon Ball episode 51 spoilers will reveal how Future Trunks and his company will find a way to defeat Black Goku and save Present Mai.

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