Dragon Age Tactics In The Works? Will Be Similar To XCOM 2 And Fire Emblem?

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Two of the most anticipated titles for this month are Fire Emblem Birthright/Conquest and XCOM 2. Coincidentally, both are strategy games and are two popular titles in its genre. This genre in gaming is underrated as players want a more action-packed experience. Luckily, some developers are looking to help the genre, and one of them is Bioware.

Recently, Dragon Age?s executive producer Mark Darrah started a Twitter poll which fans were very reluctant to answer. Darrah asked fans if they are interested in playing a Dragon Age Tactics game. The current leading answer is yes, while the least voted option is ?only mobile/handheld.?

At the comments section, Darrah is seen answering some questions asked by fans. He said that if the game does happen, it?ll feel like the Fire Emblem and XCOM series. Aside from that, Darrah also noted that a romance system is possible, if the game pushes through.

Darrah also confirmed that it will be a full game unlike Bioware?s mobile foray, Heroes of Dragon Age. The game was not very popular with fans as it was filled with microtransactions.

The Dragon Age games have been known to have its own romance system, allowing the players to have intimate relationships with one of the main characters. In the Fire Emblem series, most particularly in Fire Emblem IV Awakening, players are allowed to also romance characters. Additionally, they could also allow the players to procreate a child which could then be used in battle. Mixing the two games could make up for a really interesting romance system.

The comments section on the Twitter post was flooded with fans praising the lore and in-depth storyline of Dragon Age. Most believe that releasing a strategy game based on Dragon Age would be good as long as the lore is there.


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