Dragon Age: Inquisition’s next DLC Arrives this August

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Bioware?s epic fantasy RPG gets another digital expansion and it?s coming your way this August. Dragon Age Inquisition will be getting a new DLC and it will be arriving on August 11, the latest expansion will be called The Descent, you can check out the trailer below on what to expect on the newest content.

The Descent takes you back to the legendary Deep Roads, as you venture deep below to investigate and uncover the threats that are causing the mysterious earthquakes in the world of Thedas.

The journey to the underground labyrinth will greet you with Darkspawn-infested caverns and more perilous challenges that awaits the Inquisition like never before.

You will be able to meet new characters on the journey, as well as learning more about the history of the dwarven civilization as well as hunting for epic loot. You can head on to the official Dragon Age website for more screenshots of the said DLC.

Dragon Age Inquisition ? The Descent is only available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, no price has been announced, but some are speculating that it will still get a $14.99 treatment similar to the previous expansion Jaws of Hakkon.

If some are wondering why there is no DLC release for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox One, it was announced by Bioware that they won?t be releasing any future DLCs for the last gen consoles since last month, the very last DLC that these consoles will receive is for Jaws of Hakkon and multiplayer updates. However Bioware has announced that on the latest patch, they will allow importing of save games from your last gen consoles to the current gens.

The Descent DLC will be available on August 11, those with EA Access subscription can get the DLC with 10% discount, also the full Dragon Age: Inquisition game is available for free at EA Access.

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