Dragon Age: Inquisition to be released this October 2014

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It?s now official. Dragon Age: Inquisition will come to the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on October 7, 2014.

Preorder is now available for the game. Players will get the Flames of the Inquisition pack as an added bonus.

The image you see here is the cover art of the game?s box when it will be released.

The release is also accompanied by a new gameplay trailer titled: ?The Inquisitor Gameplay Trailer?.

Mark Darrah, Dragon Age executive producer, also adds in some interesting lore for the game and the player?s role as Inquisitor.

?Order is a rare commodity in today?s Thedas. ?Mages and templars are in conflict. The Empire of Orlais is locked in a civil war. Ferelden remains weak after the Fifth Blight. No one stands ready to take action when the sky rips open and demons start pouring out.

To face this incursion and uncover those behind it will require more than any one man or woman could muster. It will require dedicated, highly trained troops to ensure order is restored wherever it?s needed. It will require spies to ferret out those who stand to gain from the chaos or could be behind it. It will require diplomats with silver tongues to convince good men and woman to act when it?s easier to watch the world burn.

It will require the Inquisition.’

The game starts with you becoming the sole survivor in a magical explosion that creates, what is known as, the Breach, a massive hole in the sky at the heart of the trouble. There are a lot of speculations about what you really are. Questions such as: Are you the one responsible for the explosion? Could you be the chosen one selected to right all the wrongs in the world? Are you simply just lucky enough to survive?

The various races will come into play here as different races have different religions and their take on the events that occurred can also affect how you play the game.

This new game is quite promising and has gotten quite a lot of fan interest as there are quite a lot of changes since the last game?s installment.

Photo Source: Dragon Age official website

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