Dragon Age Inquisition: Different Romances Tell Different Stories

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?Love moves, in mysterious ways?. Everyone falls in love, no matter what sexual orientation one has. Also,??there are even more exciting??stories behind these romances.

Dragon Age: Inquisition somehow shares these ?stories with real people everywhere. According to Bioware, the game will have its own sets of characters with different sexual orientations, and each of them will tell its own tale.

David Gaider, Lead writer for the Dragon Age Series, did share?some?notes during Bioware?s GaymerX2 panel.

Gaider wanted to let the players explore their sexuality within the game. It is difficult to put into words, but coming out of the closet is indeed difficult. For a gay person, it is hard to feel ?gay? when the only romance option available is guy-to-girl. ?Dragon Age Inquisition offers an extensive romance option?so that?the LGBT community will not be left out.

?In Inquisition we got the go ahead to include a lot more total romances, so the decision was made that we don?t need to compromise. So we are going to have straight romances, alongside bisexual romances, alongside gay romances. I thought that was pretty important because those are different stories to tell.???- Gaider

This explains Dorian?s sexuality and why he is one of the playable characters for Dragon Age Inquisition. Dorian, with his suave looks and curly mustache, will only romance men. Like Doran, there are other characters that will only cater to certain sexual orientation. Romance options are just some of the features that you will look forward to in ?the upcoming game. There are also a lot of other things that you will consider while playing Bioware?s Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If you are interested about the process and design challenges in building the romance stories in the Dragon Age Inquisition, listen to what GaymerX2 has to say here. It is called Freaking?Out the Neighbors


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