Lego Casts Dr. Who In Epic New Video Game: Lego Dimensions

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Dr Who for Lego
Dr. Who in Lego Dimensions video game

Lego?s newest video game trailer for Lego Dimensions, was just shown during the San Diego Comic-Con, and the best part was definitely Dr. Who. The scowl-y, time-traveling practitioner definitely didn?t disappoint fans, and there was a lot to be excited about based on the trailer.

The appearance of Dr. Who was no secret as it was confirmed earlier this year that Dr. Who?s character won the heart of fans in Lego?s crowd-sourced set pitching site. But when the Lego Dimensions trailer was aired during the comics convention, it still drew a significant number of really pleased individuals.

Here are some of the best parts of the reveal:

When the 12th Doctor Appeared

Yes, no less than Peter Capaldi himself made an appearance along with Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez who all lend their voices to the game.

“I’m proud to be the most unpleasant Lego character there’s ever been,” deadpanned Capaldi, who was jokingly told that his character was among the scowliest in Lego history.

Batman and Gandalf Teaming-up

Batman and Gandalf were two of the most unforgettable characters in The Lego Movie, so the crowd will surely be pleased that they are appearing together as allies. Batman?s moody, self-absorbed character blended rather well with Gandalf?s innocent, sometimes clueless persona.

Wildstyle is back!

We loved her in the movie, who says we won?t have the same affection for her again? Expect more of her great sense of humor to add pizzazz in the game.

Dr. Who is using the DeLorean

Of course he?s using the kick-ass time machine/flying car of the cult classic Back To The Future, because time travel! If that?s not cool enough, even Doc himself is making an appearance in the game.

Fighting alongside?Scooby

We?re guessing that it?s all the mystery surrounding the game and of course, Dr. Who himself which prompted the appearance of our favorite dog sidekick, Scooby Doo. Get it? Mystery? As in Mystery Machine? Fine, moving on…


Oh so many things to laugh about in this video but seeing Homer Simpson catapult along with the doctor? I can?t? I just can?t?

All 12 Doctors will be making an appearance

Yes, Dr. Who?s most famous personalities will be playing a significant role in the games, doing both time travel and fighting some super cool Lego Daleks, deranged robots and fire-breathing dragons. And when he uttered the line, ?I?ve met you three before, but you haven?t met me yet? ? just sent Dr. Who chills down our spine.

We can?t wait for the video game release of Dr. Who in Lego Dimensions on September 27.

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