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Dr. Dre’s ‘First Billionaire in Hip – Hop’ Facebook Post Strengthens Possibility of Apple – Beats Deal

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Beats co ? founder, Dr. Dre, could be the first billionaire rapper. This is according to a Facebook video post, featuring the entrepreneur and producer. It caught the attention of many Facebook users as it appears to confirm the rumors of an Apple buyout worth $3.2 billion.

Confirmed Rumor?

The video clip posted by singer ? songwriter Tyrese Gibson has been removed from the social networking site. For those who missed it, the post had the caption, ?Dr Dre ON THE night his deal went public that he did with Apple 3.2 BILLION!!!!? In the video, Gibson seems to be celebrating with Dre and friends.

The rumor refers to Apple currently in talks to a possible acquisition of Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion, according to the Financial Times. The acquisition deal of the tech giant and the high ? end headphone maker is rumored to be announced as early as this week. However, it has yet to be finalized and could fail to materialize.

“The Forbes list just changed,” said Gibson as he refers to the publication?s list of billionaires around the world. Dre adds, “In a big way.”

If the acquisition rumor is true, then Dre could probably place 513th on the list.

The Controversial Facebook Post

A photo was later posted on the singer ? songwriter?s Facebook wall. It showed Gibson and Dre, along with the caption, “Apple = Beats 3.2 BILLION!!!!!! The night everything changed!!!!” Both the video and photo were no longer viewable. It could either be removed or set to private. However, interested people can still view the clip on YouTube.

These Facebook posts may have sparked controversy, but are not enough to confirm the rumored deal.

First Billionaire Rapper

Apple?s biggest acquisition is a debt paid in 1996 worth more than $400 million for computer manufacturer NeXT and its operating system NeXTstep that Jobs founded a decade after being ousted by Apple. At $3.2 billion, the acquisition of Beats would have the highest price tag the Mac maker has considered.

“In terms of acquisitions, Apple has been very, very light in their activity,” said Moody?s analyst Richard Lane. “I don’t think they’ve spent $1 billion in any of the last four years.”

CNBC reported earlier that if the deal is real, then it will make Dre the world?s first billionaire rapper.

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