Downton Abbey Season 6 Spoilers: Lady Rose Pregnant? Scenes Of Final Episode Hinted?

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The Crawley family and their truly devoted staff will finally bid farewell to us as the last episode of Downton Abbey is underway. But with all the plot and events kept secret by the cast and characters of the show, certain rumors which might actually be true are coming out and it will be a finale you may never forget.

Lady Rose pregnant?

Lily James, who plays the role of aristocratic Lady Rose Aldridge, may have divulged a plot for the show?s last episode, airing on Christmas Day, after an interview with fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar according to the Daily Telegraph. The actress shared how excited she was going back to the show. ?It was amazing going back after a break. You are just totally re-inspired by the wonder of it, that grand house against grey skies and all the friends you haven?t seen in so long,? said.

?I have such happy positive memories and a sense of accomplishment about being on the show. I don?t know if I?d be sitting here if it weren?t for Downton. It would have all been very difficult.? And according to the Daily Telegraph, in one episode, Mary suggested that Rose could be expecting a child. ?I think she could be pregnant,? she said. ?I might be back in August, but it?s a bit early to say.?

Final episode to be set on New Year?s Eve

On the other hand, Jim Carter, taking on the role of the loyal butler, Carson, said that ?that very last scene will be set on New Year?s Eve, as the remaining servants gather in Downton?s great hall, for a party,? shared by the Daily Telegraph. ?We don?t finish on a climactic note. There are no explosions or charabancs going off cliff edges. All the servants are together in the hall,? Carter explained. ?It is New Year?s Eve, it is candlelit and there are Christmas decorations left over. It is a dark and we quietly sing Auld Lang Syne. It is a nice, low-key, rather muted end to the thing. They said it was a wrap and we looked at each other and thought, ?Oh, we?ve finished.??

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