Downton Abbey Season 6 Finale Recap: Disappointing Season Ends With A Bang, Here?s When To Watch The Special Screening

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Downton Abbey ended with an astonishing finale attracting more than eight million viewers. Audiences around the world watched the final episode of Downton Abbey and had their hearts broken after six amazing season seasons. The show eventually received over an average of 8.4 million viewers, according to BBC.

The 90-minute episode received a lot of mixed reviews leaving Downton Abbey in an uncertain finish. A number of critics were surprised at the shows entertaining finale as Sam Wollaston from the Guardian says ?farewell to a pretty splendid posh soap opera.? He also added how TV will not be the same without it. ?The [episode] is rammed to the rampart with excitement and (melo)drama. Television will be a dowdier place without it.?

Allison Pearson from the Daily Telegraph also said: ?Thankfully, the finale, which came at the end of a dull series, was an absolute corker. That trademark recipe of low comedy and high melodrama was served up on a silver salver.?

On the other hand, other critics that were able to watch the season finale felt like the last episode of Downton Abbey could have given more. ?It feels as if [creator Julian Fellowes] had so many more plans for Downton but has had to cut it short and cram all of his ideas into this one episode. The result is far from the satisfying ending that Downton aficionados were hoping for,? Neela Debnath from the Daily Express shared. ?Perhaps the real finale will be delivered at Christmas and leave us begging for another series of our favorite Sunday night period drama. But tonight falls short of the mark.?

?This finale and sixth series as a whole has most certainly proved the wisdom of Lord Fellowes? decision to put his pen down and consign the residences of this gothic pile to their colorful but ultimately inconsequential history,? Huffington Post?s Caroline Frost shared.

Fans that didn?t get the chance to watch the finale of Downton Abbey can get another chance to see it on television when it returns for a Christmas Special. As for the viewers that did watch, what do you think about the season finale? Share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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