Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 9 Spoilers: Funny Ending To Spratt Denker-Feud & Other Surprises

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Downton Abbey

What: Downton Abbey Finale (US)

When: March 6, PBS 9/8c

Ready to say goodbye to Downton Abbey yet? Your favorite lords and ladies will call it the night on March 6 after running for six years now since the first episode aired in September 2010 in the U.K. (January 2011 in the US). The British historical drama series has since earned fans and critical reception, including awards bannered by a Golden Globe for best TV miniseries. The final season has been announced by Carnival Films and ITV as early as March last year, but fans are still expected to get a ?shock? once the cast take a bow tonight for the curtain call.

So what to expect for Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 9? Plenty, according to TvLine.

WARNING: If you hate spoilers we suggest you stop reading right here.

We knew it, you like spoilers just like us. These are the possible scenarios for the Dowton Abbey finale:

  • There?s another one who?s pregnant
  • There?s a new purpose in life for Thomas, but not what we expect
  • The feud between Spratt and Denker will have a hilarious ending
  • There will be secrets already between Henry and Mary
  • Guess who will be given a second shot at love?

We?ve all been hooked to the personal lives and tragedies of the characters, but one of the attractions of the series is the depiction of post-Edwardian aristocracy and the period?s lower class. The dynamics of the period?s daily lives were presented with clarity that no history book could have replicated. The period was even made more realistic with parallel allusions to historical milestones, such as: news about the sinking of the Titanic; the start of World War I; and the Spanish influenza pandemic.

Meanwhile, Yahoo TV has an interesting analysis why the miniseries is a hit on this side of the pond. ?Many Americans also have an inferiority complex about the British, admiring and envying what we hear as their superior vocabularies and experience as their stiff-upper-lip sangfroid in any situation,? Ken Tucker wrote, ?And thus this country fell for the stern-but-fair authority of Robert Crawley, the Lord Grantham, and became enthralled by the sisterly relationships of Ladies Mary, Edith, and (sniff) Sybil.?

Whether you agree with him or not, Americans are sure to miss Downton Abbey after final episode closes tonight.

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