Downton Abbey Finale Leaked Online? Shocking Secrets Revealed!

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?Downton Abbey? is finally airing its final season with season six. Fans of the British drama television series laughed and cried with the characters but what can fans anticipate for the final episode? Here are some of the rumored plots for the season finale that have been surfacing.

Lady Edith admits secret?

According to Unreality TV, Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) and fianc? Bertie Pelham (Harry Hadden-Paton), in a photo, are having some sort of conversation in the churchyard. It?s still very uncertain but the photo could indicate that this might be the part where Lady Edith finally admits her secret about Marigold.

Lady Rose returns to England?

Previous reports also stated that Lily James, who plays the role of aristocratic Lady Rose Aldridge, may have divulged a plot for the show?s last episode, airing on Christmas Day, after an interview with fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar according to the Daily Telegraph.

The actress shared how excited she was going back to the show. ?It was amazing going back after a break. You are just totally re-inspired by the wonder of it, that grand house against grey skies and all the friends you haven?t seen in so long,? said.

?I have such happy positive memories and a sense of accomplishment about being on the show. I don?t know if I?d be sitting here if it weren?t for Downton. It would have all been very difficult.? And according to the Daily Telegraph, in one episode, Mary suggested that Rose could be expecting a child. ?I think she could be pregnant,? she said. ?I might be back in August, but it?s a bit early to say.?

?Downton Abbey? season finale will be shown 9PM this Sunday, November 8th, on ITV. Share us your thoughts on the final episode of ?Downton Abbey? in the comment section below.

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