Downton Abbey Cast–One Final Bow In A Hilarious Curtain Call

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The Downton Abbey cast took a final bow following the series finale last Monday, but not as you?d expect it. There?s grandeur, indeed, except the entire affair is a spoof by Jimmy Kimmel, who invited Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter John Legend lending the comic relief. Legend added lyrics to the haunting series theme song and sang over it with a solo piano performance at the Jimmy Kimmel Live. And so Lord Grantham and the lords and ladies of the Downton Abbey cast PBS?s most viewed drama series, took a final bow under the baton of Legend.

The pitch is perfect, the pacing is elegant, and we saw Legend sang a ?tribute? to some of Downton Abbey?s most memorable–and iconic–characters, dressing them down to what you might have been thinking all along.

The singer opened with the most obvious thing about the series: the main characters don?t have a single black friend. He also brought up a funny thing about the show, only that we didn?t seem to notice it: everyone?s in formal dress for dinner almost every night. There was also the allusion to the rich being too privileged to even have someone to comb their hair, not the least the seemingly unlimited supply of fancy hats at their disposal.

He then put the focus on Mary and Edith, who he said love to fight, and on Grandmamma who Legend said could use a one night stand. We?re not going to lay down here all the details about Legend?s ?tribute?. It?s best to hear his hilarious musical curtain call with the haunting melody playing in the air.

Downton Abbey is a curious case of Americans? quirky crush on posh-cultured, highbrow British society, a stereotype that is at once revered and reviled. Its popularity is a mystery, but maybe, we just love watching people dress for the night just to eat lunch.

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