How to download Viber for Samsung

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Even if there are tons of other messaging apps and services in both the mobile and PC market, Viber is still the most widely-used and popular with Samsung users. There may be better messaging apps in terms of performance, ease of use and cute sticker markets but Viber is still the most popular.


Features of Viber for Samsung

Viber for Android is easy to install, use and tweak. You can use it on your phone, tablet and even your computer. You just have to know how and where to get the app. Here are the great features that come with Viber:

1. Send free text messages to anyone on Viber.

2. Send photos for free to anyone on Viber.

3. Make and receive free calls from anyone who is online with a Viber account.

4. Use cute stickers and graphics for fun messages.

5. Create chat groups so lots of people can participate in the same conversation on Viber.

How to download Viber for Samsung

How to download Viber for Samsung

For Android phone users, there’s always a problem of compatibility so the app may not always download or run correctly if you go through the download tutorial. It’s always worth a try though and there are other ways to make Viber run if it fails on the first run.

Samsung smartphone users running Android can download Viber via this link: Viber for Samsung

Samsung users running Android BADA can download Viber via this link: Viber for BADA

Once you’ve installed the app, Viber immediately uses your mobile phone number or SIM number as your ID. It also automatically imports your contacts from your phone and recognizes who is on Viber immediately. If your contacts have notifications active, they can see at once that you’ve made a Viber account.

Whenever someone send you a text message, a photo or makes a call to you, your Samsung phone notifies you as if it were a mobile call or text. You can even choose your message and ringtone within the app. The app also allows you to post a picture that may be used on your Viber profile. This is the photo that appears beside your messages and calls on other people’s Viber accounts when they message or call you.

You can personalize your account by purchasing cute and fun sticker sets found within the app. There are free sticker sets and paid ones as well. Your conversations can also have custom backgrounds from the available ones within the app or pictures that you upload yourself.



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