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For those who want to get in on the ‘next big thing’ in first person shooters and the Call of Duty gaming scene, you need to know how to download Titanfall. Since it’s coming out tomorrow on Origin, here is a guide on how to get the game on PC:


1. Download Origin, which is the EA game client.

All EA games including downloadable content and other paid services related to their games can be launched and installed here. If you don’t have Origin, you can’t play the game.



2. Sign up for an Origin account.

If you’ve been playing EA games before such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect or the earlier Call of Duty series, your Bioware social ID can also be used to login.


3. Open Origin and go to the Store.

You’ll notice that it’s a lot like the Steam client, only grey. If you have other friends who are already on Origin and you have their handles, you can see if they’re online there as well. Go to the Store and you’ll probably see Titanfall featured for ordering or pre-order.


4. Click on Titanfall and you will be asked to purchase credits for Origin. Click on the right amount of credits you need for Titanfall and then purchase the game.

You might have to purchase credits twice just to get the right denomination to buy Titanfall. If you don’t mind leftover credits, then get the highest denomination. If you want to buy through the Origin website, you’ll see that the game costs around $90 for the Digital Deluxe Edition. This includes the game and a season pass which can mean anything from game time to more content once the game is released.


5. Wait for the game to finish downloading.

You’ll see the game in your Origin Library and how long it will take before the download is finished. EA says that there won’t be any micro-transactions related to the game, and that it centers solely on the Season Pass and the game itself.

There you have it, our short guide on how to download Titanfall. We hope to see you on game day.

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