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This guide is for people who have just got their first Apple-made mobile phone and want to know how to download music to their iPhone.

For all its vaunted user-friendliness and simplistic UI, getting music onto your iPhone can be a painful process. This is especially true for users who don’t want to spend blindly on music they already have in their collection and those who don’t have the time to arrange playlists and songs.

How to download music on your iPhone

Most users might think that how to download music to iPhone is easy. For long-time iOS users it could be, but for first-timers, it can get a little tricky. Essentially, there three two ways for anyone to download music onto their iOS device. These are:

1. Download music to your iPhone from the iTunes Store right on the device.

2. Download music to your iPhone from iTunes on your PC then transfer to your iPhone.

3. Transfer your existing music library onto your iPhone using iTunes.

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How to download music with iTunes on iPhone

If you want the easiest way, the best way to download music to your device is to go on the iTunes Store on your device and buy music there. Here are the steps:

1. Tap the iTunes app icon on your device.

2. Browse through the music selection.

3. Tap the album or song you want to buy and add it to your selection.

4. Input your Apple ID when prompted and download the songs.

5. Your music will appear in your Music app ready to enjoy once you’re finished downloading them.

Take note that you most probably have to pay for each album and song using your credit card through your iTunes account.

Technically, buying and downloading music on your PC or Mac using iTunes is just the same as using the iTunes app on your device. The music downloads to your PC or Mac, though, and you have to sync your iPhone with your ?iTunes music library to get the songs.

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How to download music using iTunes on PC

If you want to transfer your existing music files to your iPhone, things can get a little tricky and confusing especially if you’re using a PC. Here’s how:

1. Launch iTunes on your PC.

2. Open the music file folder and select the files you want to put in your iPhone.

3. Highlight all the files and drag them to your iTunes window.

4. Wait for iTunes to finish indexing the files.

5. Connect your iPhone to your PC.

6. When the dialog box appears asking you to sync your iTunes library pops up, click OK.

7. Wait for the music to finish transferring and syncing.

Once it’s finished syncing, close iTunes and unplug your iPhone. You can listen to the music you’ve transferred from your Music app.

What actually makes how to download music to iPhone is that you can only do it through iTunes and nothing else. If you didn’t do it that way your music would not show up on your iOS device.

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