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How to download movies and series to iPad and iPhone

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Being able to watch movies and series on your iPad and iPhone is one of the main reasons you want media on your handheld device. The problem is knowing how to download movies and series onto your iOS device. A lot of users still aren’t aware of some of the tech problems that can come up when transferring files. This guide is here to help users learn the transfer process and how to find the shows and movies they want.


So if you want to know how to download movies and series to the iPad and iPhone directly without the help of a computer, here are the steps:

1. Make sure that you’ve set up a valid payment system for your Apple ID. Even if you plan to download free movies or series, Apple will still ask for payment information from you.

2. Go to your iTunes app and browse for the movies and series you want. You can enter your choice in the search bar or just look through the titles.

3. Tap the BUY button on the media you want to download and input your Apple ID. When you’re done, the media downloads automatically to your iPad or iPhone. When you open your Mac, it will download there too. If you use a PC, the download will start when you open your iTunes client.

Keep in mind that you need enough space on your iPhone or iPad to accommodate all the movies and series you want. If it’s not enough the download won’t be finished.


If you want to know how to download movies and series from your PC to your iPad and iPhone, here are the steps:

1. Open your iTunes client and the window where your movies and series are located.?There should be two windows open on your desktop, one for iTunes and the other for your file explorer.

2. Open the tab on the upper part of the iTunes client for movies or series.

3. Go to the window where your movie files are located and select them all. Then drag them to the iTunes window. A plus (+) sign should appear on the iTunes window to indicate that you’re adding files to your iTunes library.

4. Plug in your iPad or iPhone to your PC and wait for iTunes to detect it.

5. Once you’ve brought up the iPad or iPhone sync menu, go to the Movies tab. Check the Sync movies option.

6. Click sync at the left bottom part of the screen.

7. Wait for the movies to be downloaded onto your device.

There you have it, two ways on how to download movies and series to your iPad and iPhone.

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