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How to download movies to the Samsung Galaxy series

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We’ve done a guide on how to download movies to iPhone and iPad so here’s how to download movies to the Samsung Galaxy series. Admittedly, things are a bit easier when it comes to downloading media to Android-powered devices. Here’s why:


1. The Samsung Galaxy series runs on Android which is an open source operating system so you can find a lot of native and third-party tools on the internet and your device.

2. Android doesn’t discriminate on file type so if one player on your device can’t handle a certain file type you can be sure that there’s a free app out there that can.

3. Android can access a lot of different media stores aside from Samsung Media Hub. This means that you can probably find any movies or media on a Samsung phone.

So what is the way on how to download movies to the Samsung Galaxy series right on the device? Here’s how:

1. Open the app marketplace or online store where you want to buy the movie or file. USually, you can use Samsung Media Hub or the Amazon store to order content.

2. Browse through the selection of media and purchase the ones you want.

3. Wait for the download to appear on your Samsung Galaxy S, Note or other device. Check the downloads folder for the progress. Make sure that you’re on a Wifi connection or have authorized your phone to download large files on your cellular network.

If you already have media on your PC, you can download them to your Samsung Galaxy series just like a USB device or use certain apps. For the transfer via USB way, here are the steps:

1. Plug in your Samsung device to your PC and open the SD card or phone storage.

2. Open your media folder and select the files you want to transfer. Make sure to highlight them.

3. Drag these files to the window where your SD card or phone storage is open. ?You may have a specific folder for Movies or Series in that folder. Drag them there instead.?Wait for the transfer.


Another way to download movies to the Samsung Galaxy series is to upload your media to your cloud services. You may have a Dropbox, Box or OneDrive account where you can keep your files in the cloud. Upload your files to the cloud and then download the Android app on the Google Play Store for the service you use. Sign in to your account and just wait for the media to sync.

There you have it, a few different ways on how to download movies to the Samsung Galaxy series.

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