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Whenever anyone gets a mobile phone the first question they often ask is how to download Facebook onto their phone. Some people think that only smartphones and high-end mobile devices can run Facebook or its related mobile app. Aside from being a social media site, Facebook has also become a solid way for communication without giving other people access to mobile numbers. Thanks to apps that work on various mobile devices and knowing how to download Facebook for any phone, messaging through the site is now very reliable.

What’s great about Facebook is that it’s seeking to be THE social media platform. This means that it has to grab hold of every internet user out there. The only way to do this is to let people know how to download Facebook on every device and phone.

How to download Facebook for iOS and Android phones

For Android and iOS users, Facebook is usually built-in or preinstalled on the device as an app. For some Android devices, the Facebook app may be different especially if the device does not support the Google Play Store. But to download the app using your smartphone, iPad or Android tablet, here are the links:

?Facebook on the Google Play Store: Click here

Facebook on iTunes Apple App Store: Click here

If your device uses an alternative Android app market, go there and find their Facebook app.

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How to download Facebook for Java phones

If you aren’t on a smartphone, don’t worry. Facebook has developed or at the very least, is surely developing apps for all platforms. It’s just a matter of knowing how your device can access Facebook.

If your phone runs Java, it can access Facebook if you have the Java ?active and the updated app installed. How do you know if you can run Facebook on your Java phone? Here are the steps:

1. Go to the Java option or icon found on your phone.

2. Choose the Facebook app that’s preinstalled.

3. If you don’t have a preinstalled app, Java has a built-in web browser for sure. From there, you can access the Facebook website or search for the Java Facebook app.

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How to download Facebook for other phones

Depending on your service provider or carrier network, you can also access Facebook using their own built-in services or apps. Inquire at your carrier network’s shop or helpline to know how to download Facebook on any phone.

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