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Lots of players who are looking for a casual game and still want to be in the know with the latest games are interested in how to download DOTA 2. What was previously a free PC-platform MOBA (massively-online battle arena) is now an e-sports game that can be played on Steam.

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It makes sense that Valve (who developed DOTA 2) would only allow people to play on their platform. Basically, the only way for anyone to play DOTA 2 is through Steam where players use their own gaming profiles and other data to participate in the game.

Why Steam? Since DOTA 2 is such a competitive game, it’s important for players to know their ranking, their skills and how they fare against everyone else. Using a Steam ID and all the security measures and data attached to it is the best way to keep track of everyone’s rankings.

Before continuing through the guide, please take note of the system requirements for DOTA 2. You need at least 4GB of RAM, a dual core processor that can run 2.8Ghz, an?nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT or ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600 for video cards and 8GB of space. If your rig doesn’t have these specs, get a better rig first.

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If you want to get in on the action with DOTA 2, here’s how:

1. Go to and click on the top-right green button that says ‘Install Steam’. This prepares the Steam client for download. Click the button on the left that says ‘Install Steam Now’.

2. Once it’s downloaded, run the file. It will continue to download updates. Wait for this to finish.?

3. While it’s downloading, sign up for Steam ID here. After the signup, search for DOTA 2 in the ‘search the store’ field so you can bring up the game page.

4. Once Steam has finished downloading, login to the Steam client using your Steam ID. Then go back to the DOTA 2 page and scroll down a bit to click on the middle-area button that says ‘PLAY’. This brings up a box that asks you if you have installed Steam.

5. The Steam client comes up and lets you download the game for free. Wait for it to finish.

6. Run DOTA on your Steam client by clicking on it in your Library tab.

That’s it, you now know how to download DOTA 2 on your PC. There are also Mac and Linux versions in case you’re running different software.

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