How to download Diablo III for free

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Not a lot of people know this, but the way on how to download Diablo III for free is very easy. Anyone with the right computer can get in on one of the most iconic computer games of all time. What’s more, the game isn’t all that hard and it’s a great way to introduce new players to hack and slash games or get old, disillusioned players back in the seat.


If you want to download Diablo III, make sure you have the following:

1. At least Windows XP.

2. Direct X 9.0

3. Intel Pentium D 2.8 GHz or equivalent processor

4. 12 GB available HD space

5. 1 GB RAM

6. Nvidia GeForce 7800

7. Broadband internet connection

Take note that these are the minimum requirements for running the game. Any lower and your game will simply crash. Once you’re sure that you have an adequate rig, register for a account. Go to the website and follow the instructions there.


Here now are the steps on how to download Diablo III for free. Take note that this also means you can play Diablo III for free:

1. Download the client.

2. Click on the icon for Diablo III.

3. Click on the ‘Try it for free’ button and wait for the download to finish.

Take note that the game will download all the content, even ones that you haven’t paid for. You only get to use the expansion and other content if you’ve paid for them through Even if you have a game client from your friend, you’d still need the client to download all the updates. Blizzard is notorious for updates and patches as big as a game client.

You should also know that Blizzard essentially lets anyone play Diablo III for free only until they reach Level 9. This lets them get a feel for the game, which includes a bit of crafting, a few dungeons and the first boss. You can make a new character though, and start over. The game doesn’t let you get past a certain point in the game but lets you run around albeit with a level cap. You can go through all the classes so you can get a feel for which character you want to use in the game. Another limitation is that you cannot party up or form a group with other players as long as you haven’t purchased the game.

All in all, Blizzard is a bro for letting you download Diablo III for free, even with the limitations.


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