Doukyusei -Classmates- Boys-Love Film To Air On US Theaters; Here?s the Release Date

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Good news to all anime fans in US!

No need to wait for a DVD copy to watch Asumiko Nakamura’s Doukyusei -Classmates- boys-love manga as it will open soon in US big screens.

A report of Anime News Network revealed that Aniplex of America has confirmed the movie?s debut in the United States on May 6. The film will still be aired in Japanese but subtitled in English.

As seen in the movie trailer, Hikaru Kusakabe notices student Licht Saj? not singing in a music class. He will then see Licht practicing alone, where he offers to help. ?Kenji Nojima will play the role of the bespectacled student, Licht, while Hiroshi Kamiya will portray the role of Hikaru. The other member of the cast is Hideo Ishikawa, who will be Manabu Hara in the movie.

The film premiered in Japan at ninth spot after earning USD305,611 or more than 34 million yen on February 20. It was only aired in 30 theaters during its first week.

Shouko Nakamura, the episode director of Penguindrum, Kill la Kill, directs the movie adaptation of the manga. Akemi Hayashi, on the other hand, takes care of the design, the article reported. Meanwhile, Chieko Nakamura will be serving as the art director while Ritsuko Utagawa is in-charge with the color design.

Nakamura is the man behind the original manga in Japan, which he compiled in one volume. Report also shared that O.B. Digital Manga Guild has licensed the movie along with Sotsugy?sei in English. The theme song will be performed by the band behind anohana and Haikyu!! second season, guitarist K?tar? Oshio and vocalist Yuki Ozaki from the band Galileo Galilei.

With less than two months left, you should sit back and wait ?til the arrival of Doukyusei in US.

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