Double Dragon IV Set To Arrive On PC and PS4; See When and Where To Get It

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It?s the all new Double Dragon IV coming this January 30, thanks to game developer Arc System Works. When they bought the rights to the game back in 2015, they promised to bring in a new Double Dragon and that?s exactly what they did when they announced the game. The game is expected to launch on the PC and PlayStation 4 next year and will be available worldwide.

According to the Crunchyroll, the game will be similar to the last entry, which is the Double Dragon II. Interestingly, the team that is working on the Double Dragon IV is the same team that brought success to the original version of the game. The original game came out in 1990 and Arc System Works is keen on getting the same team that worked on the game.

Double Dragon IV Anniversary

The game will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary and the team is working in order to launch it in time for the celebration. The gameplay of the Double Dragon states that ?The gameplay in most of the games takes place in a pseudo 3D perspective like in Renegade and later beat-’em-ups, in which the player character can move in four directions but are always facing left or right. The player can perform a variety of unarmed fighting techniques against their enemies, as well use melee weapons such as baseball bats and throwing knives normally obtained from enemies. In some installments, there are techniques that can be done in combination with another player.?

Some of the related versions of the Double Dragon video game include a comic book based on it. The comic book was published by Marvel in 19991; accumulating six issues from July to December. An animated series also premiered in 1993 and it was produced by DiC Entertainment and Bohbot Productions. The animated series featured 26 episodes at the time.

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