‘Dota Dash’:Dota 2 Racing? What?

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Dota Dash
Dota Dash

Some things just don?t mix well. Pretty much like oil and water. Just like how an online real time strategy game and a party~esque racing game would come together in a harmonious relationship. This, however, doesn?t stop a few Dota 2 players from thinking outside the box. These modders attempted to tinker a bit into Valve?s popular online RTS game into something more like a Mario Kart game.

This is as weird as it gets. The mod is called Dota Dash. This is how it appears on the steam community forum page for the game.

“A Fast-paced Dota 2 racing game meant to feel like Mario Kart. Race with fast-paced sliding controls! Use greevil shells to blast your enemy! Drop banana peels to send your enemy slipping!”

This mod is absolutely free and anybody can give it a try by downloading it here.

But as a disclaimer, do not expect the mod to be extremely smooth like the game it is trying to be. It already gained some notoriety that developers and modders who worked on it already had to apologize for some of the mod?s shortcomings, stating that they are still in their early developmental stages.

The comments in the video above already shows how this is one ?Unholy? combination. You could get the idea that this isn?t going to be fun to play on your PC at all.

However, Dota Dash?s creator already stated in Reddit last week, that he is apologizing for all the bugs, problems, big and small, about the mod, and he?s still working on all of these to make it playable in a large extent.

“I also want to apologize to Nigma for his video becoming a battleground he had nothing to do with,” BMD wrote in an update, referring to the original video. “I thought it was a really fun way to show off the mod.”

“I’m working on making the dota 2 map raceable, as well as building a ‘campaign’ system so that people can race across multiple maps in the same game session, instead of on only a single map,” BMD wrote. “I’m also building development tools for mappers so that they can draw their map in Hammer, then use my development tools to place all of the powerups/waypoints/hazards/barriers on the map, and then release their map/map pack (or possibly even sell it on the workshop eventually).”

Is this going to work? None can tell, but be aware that Dota wouldn?t even be Dota at all without the modders who took on Warcraft III. The real question is, is it going to be worth the trouble for both the modders and the players? Why would you play a half-baked Mario Kart game if you can actually play the real thing? Fan service perhaps?

Image Source: BMD Dota (YouTube)

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