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DoTA 2 is a massively popular multiplayer online battle arena game. It is very popular with monthly unique users numbering in the millions. This month?s unique users are up to onwards of 8 million users. DoTA is the abbreviation for Defense of the Ancients and the sequel has kept the naming accordingly.

The game is a successor of Blizzard?s Warcraft 3 custom map DoTA. It is no longer part of the Blizzard family though, as Valve has recruited the creator and mastermind of DoTA, IceFrog. The sequel runs on Steam and can be downloaded on their Steam app. Valve has been nothing short of phenomenal in promoting the game. They have been very supportive of the community as well. DoTA 2 is rapidly becoming the go to eSport game of the world and all of that can be credited to Valve?s passion for the game.

DoTA 2 works by having players be on two clashing sides, the Radiant and the Dire. Some things have been renamed in DoTA 2 in order to avoid copyright issues with Blizzard. The backstory is that the Dire is invading the world and trying to get to the World Tree which is being protected by the Radiant. There can be a maximum of 5 players on each team and these players each control a unique hero with a different set of skills. There are attributes and heroes that are classified based on their primary attribute which can be: Strength, Agility, or Intelligence.


Strength heroes are typically tanks or heroes that have a lot of health and can soak up a lot of damage. Increasing their strength attribute helps them become stronger and tankier.


Agility heroes are hard hitters with fast attack speed. These heroes usually have average to below average health, but they make up for it with fast attack speed and damage. Increasing agility increases their damage as well as their attack speed.


Intelligence heroes are typically used as support heroes. They have high damage at the early rounds of the game, but they don?t scale quite as well heading into the later portions of the game. Their skills have high damage and they are mainly used to support the other heroes.

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