Dota 2 Update: All New Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrades In Patch 7.00

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Dota 2 update

The anticipated update for Dota 2 is now live and with it comes a lot of new changes to the popular MOBA. Aside from the new hero; Monkey King and the Talents system, the update also made several gameplay tweaks. One of the major gameplay tweaks are improved Aghanim?s Scepter Ultimate upgrade for some heroes. Here are the new Ultimate upgrades in the recent Dota 2 update.


This is the first time that Anti-Mage will get a Scepter upgrade. With the Aghanim?s Scepter, Anti-Mage can passively deflect any targeted skill every 12 seconds.

Bounty Hunter

If a hero is inflicted with Track and Bounty Hunter uses Shuriken Toss, the shuriken will bounce twice inflicting the same damage. If several Tracked heroes are close to each other, the Shuriken will bounce between them.

Chaos Knight

Aside from a 20 second reduction in Phantasm?s cooldown, Chaos Knight will also be able to cast his Ultimate on any allied target.

Crystal Maiden

Freezing Field will get the added effect of Frostbite.

Phantom Lancer

With the Scepter upgrade, the Phantom Lancer will be able to generate more illusions. Phantom Lance will bounce to nearby units for up to 5 targets. Each target hit will have an illusion spawned beside it.


Like Chaos Knight, Riki will be able to cast his Ultimate on any allied hero with the new Dota 2 update. Additionally, the targeted ally hero will be visible by enemy units but Riki himself will stay hidden around the hero.

Skywrath Mage

In a 700 AoE radius surrounding Skywrath Mage, any skill used will spawn a duplicate that will target any nearby enemy unit. Heroes will be prioritized by the duplicate.


The cooldown of Slark?s Ultimate will be decreased by 30 seconds. Additionally, the Shadow Dance buff will be given to heroes within a 325 AoE radius. It will increase movement speed and regeneration of allied units.


With the Scepter upgrade, Sniper?s Assassinate will become a ground targeted spell that has 400 AoE radius. Multiple targets can be hit by Assassinate that can deal x2.8 critical damage along with the Headshot effect.


This will give Zeus the Nimbus ability which can be casted globally. Any enemy unit within the 500 AoE radius of the Nimbus will be struck with a Lightning Bolt every 2.5 seconds.

Dota 2 update 7.00 features a lot more changes, so read up on the update to see what other changes are now live. For the latest gaming news, stay tuned to The BitBag.?

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