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Dota 2: The Tale of The International

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Dota 2 is rapidly becoming one of the most prized games in eSports history. It all began with the start of their first ever tournament called The International.

When Dota 2 first came out, it was still in closed beta and only a handful of players had access to the game beforehand. These players were part of professional teams for the original Dota game. After giving teams some time to practice the game, Valve launched their tournament for the world to see. It was both a showcase of Valve?s passion and dedication towards the game. The prize pool, at that time, was the biggest ever in the history of eSports. A whopping $1.6 million USD was given away with the top team gaining $1 million USD.

The event was held in Cologne, Germany and Valve took care of the 16 professional teams that took part of the tournament from flights to accommodation.

The prize pool was absolutely mind blowing and it is important to remember that the game was still in closed beta at that time. That means that Valve had not only put out a tournament that would set them back in the millions, they still had yet to actually earn a single cent from the game. The logistics of having international teams travel to Germany itself would have cost a fortune already.

This level of dedication and passion for the sport is where Valve truly shined. They knew deep down that Dota 2 would be successful. They knew that their investment of time, money, and effort would be rewarded tenfold in the future.

Once Valve went out of closed beta and launched their free to play game to the world was when things started to become really amazing. They helped build the community by giving artists a chance to earn from their designs and they also helped tournament organizers with their Dota TV functionality where a part of the proceeds would go to the tournament organizers and then the tournament organizers would further add that to the tournament prize pool.

It?s no wonder why Dota 2 is one of the most popular games in the world. The community combined with Valve?s passion and drive for the game is a perfect mix for success.

There have been 2 more iterations of The International since then as the event has become a yearly tournament. The prize pool has been increasing and now, The International 4?s prize pool is currently at a gigantic $7 million USD and still growing!

Valve?s hard work and dedication has truly paid off and they are very happy to share their success to the community.

Photo Source: Dota 2 The International website

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