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Dota 2 The International Championship Offers Broadcast for Beginners

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Want to watch The International 4 but new to Dota 2? Or maybe you just want to learn to play Dota 2 from the pros without worrying about the in-game terminologies? No problem says Valve, as they just announced that they will be including a ?Newcomers Broadcast? for the upcoming Dota 2 The International Championship.

The broadcast for beginners is intended for viewers who are new to the game and have little knowledge about the more technical aspects. It aims to ease people into understanding the items, heroes, strategies, tri-lanes, and all the complicated stuff. The newcomers broadcast will be happening alongside the main stream, which we will be handled by the professional casters. You can watch the ?live commentaries over at

Aside from the newbie stream, Valve also introduced the ?International Multicast? stream and the ?Spoiler-Free DVR Broadcast?. The multicast stream will be in junction with the four main channels that will be simultaneously happening. The broadcast discusses interesting games, surprise strategies, clutch plays by the pros into one package, side-by-side with commentary and desk analysis. The International Multicast is the best way to get updated with all four games happening at once.

If you missed the day?s action and don?t want to get spoiled, Valve also has a solution for you. The spoil-free DVR broadcast will allow you to watch all the finished games without giving you any clues who won the matches. Additionally, only match results from the previous days will be displayed during its broadcast. This will be good for viewers who are living in the opposite side of the world? of the U.S.

The International Dota 2 Championship is the most prestigious annual tournament organized by Valve. This year, the tournament was able to raise funds from the community increasing the prize pool to almost $10.5 dollars, easily making it the biggest prize pool event in eSports history.

The games will be starting tomorrow, July 8, which will feature the wildcard competition. The main event will be played on July 18-21 where the top 8 teams will compete for the top prize.

Image Source: Dota 2 Official Site

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