DotA 2 The International 5: All You Need To Know

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Only one week away before the world witnesses once more the fiercest DotA 2 online tournament: The International 5. The event, running from August 3-8, opens up its 5th year with the biggest prize fund ever seen on an e-tournament, amounting to at least $17 million!

The excitement is already palpable, and people can?t wait to see the action ? already viewing the placeholder stream. announced that the first real action for the tournament will have preliminaries on Sunday at 9AM Pacific Time, with preliminary Wild Card games, and then group stages of The International (TI5) beginning on Monday.

Prize Pool

The main event will be held at the Seattle Center. DotA 2 will be featuring 16 of the best professional gamers in the world buying for that elusive title as the best in the world. The exact prize pool totals at $17,573,544 with the first place that will claim an astonishing $6 million. And even if the team climbs their way for the sixth spot, they still go home with a million dollars.

The Teams

Ten professional DotA 2 teams are automatically invited to join the tournament while four spots are given to the winner of the regional qualifiers in America, China, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Wildcard slots are also given by the tournament that will be decided from the runner-ups in the qualifiers.

The 10 invited teams are: Vici Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, Invictus Gaming, LGD Gaming, Cloud9, Team Empire, Virtus Pro, Newbee, and Fnatic.

According to, Team Secret still leads the?world ranking?with a rating of 1,501 and a win rate of 81%. Fnatic has the lowest ranking in ratings with 1,062, while Ehome has the lowest ranking in the win rate with only 48%. Rankings are based on their win-lose ratio and their popularity when it comes to the ratio of the bet.

Pressures are high for reigning champions Newbee as they prepare themselves for another run at the championship.

DotA 2 Plus

So if you?re one of those who also dreams of conquering this online battle, you can do so by keeping in mind a few of these tips:

Countering Lion: A possible way is to select high hp pool heroes or items that create a high hp pool. You must also keep in mind that when facing a disabler hero, it is important to have a Black King Bar. This way, most of his skills can?t be used against you.

Countering Rikimaru: One important item to acquire is a Blademail. This item helps you deal more damage to your opponent after receiving the damages that you took from Riki.

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