Dota 2 The International 4 Wildcard: MVP Upsets VP!

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Dota 2 The International 4 is upon us but before the group stage kicks off, the last participants of The International 2014 need to be identified. The four remaining runner ups from the regional qualifiers will need to fight it out in a single elimination bracket. In this edition, we feature the underdogs, the Korean team MVP Phoenix that delivered a stunning upset against the strong Europeans Virtus Pro with a 2:0 showing. The win puts them 1 win away from participating in The International 4.

In case you missed the game, some highlights are added below.

Game 1


The Korean team likes to incorporate a Warlock pick to synergize with their five man push playing style and in this game, it was no different. They changed up a few things for this game though as they moved the Warlock from the usual middle lane position on to the farming lane. The mid position was replaced with a Brewmaster and Wisp combo instead. VP also tried to switch things up by running a support Mirana and Wraith King to help out their farming Skywrath Mage.

VP pushed things first with their aggressive play style and got first blood against the tanky Bristleback. VP used good rotations as well as high burst damage skills to get them the early lead. With momentum clearly in the favor of VP, MVP regrouped and engaged in what was an awesome back and forth with different momentum shifts for both teams. Following a few important pickoffs, MVP was able to capitalize by taking out the middle barracks. With the middle barracks down, things got a lot harder for MVP though the gold and experience graphs were almost identical. A failed initiation by VP led to a 4-0 wipe for MVP and eventually led to their victory.

Game 2


Trying to come back from one game down, VP drafted with a strong lineup with Shadow Fiend mid as well as a farming Dazzle. On the other side, MVP played to the success of their Bristleback from the last game and used it on this game as well. First blood went in favor of MVP by using their trilane and going past the top tier 1 tower in order to kill the Centaur.

The game had MVP?s Bristleback getting a strong showing while VP?s Shadow Fiend was slowly getting more farm. By the mid game point, MVP started showing off their prowess by surviving the initial damage bursts by SF using the Tethered and Flame Guarded Ember Spirit and the tanky Bristleback. This eventually led to the Ember Spirit gaining a lot of farm and VP had no real answer for them later in the game.

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