Dota 2 The International 4 Wildcard: Liquid Qualifies by Sweeping MVP

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The 16th team to join the Dota 2 The International 4 lineup comes down to Team Liquid and MVP. Liquid continued to look very strong as they ended the wildcard with their second consecutive 2-0 victory by sweeping MVP. MVP was able to hang on as long as they could but it wasn?t enough to keep the Americans at bay. A breakdown of some of the highlights ?below.

Game 1


MVP started their lineup with a tanky hero like Bristleback as well as heroes with high kill potential. The game starts out with Demon getting caught in a bad spot after a failed smoke causing him to give up the first blood to MVP. MVP used this to their advantage by gaining early map control but Liquid mounted a comeback and stayed patient and eventually got themselves back in the game.

A lot of back and forth momentum shifts continued with pick offs and team fights. A Liquid gank on Slark in the bottom lane sparked an offense for the Americans eventually leading Lycan to breach MVP?s base and take down the top tier 3 tower. While Liquid was focused on their siege though, a massive creep wave made critical damage to Liquid?s structures.

MVP had a hard time countering the massive split push of Team Liquid especially the pressure provided by the Batrider. Liquid?s advance eventually proved too much for MVP and they were forced to concede game 1.

Game 2


For game 2, MVP decided to go old school with an aggressive trilane including a Shadow Shaman, Ancient Apparition, and Naga Siren. The lineup was a response to Liquid?s Ember Spirit. It was trilane for trilane as mid and top lanes each had one hero each with Faceless Void going up against Lycan and Templar Assassin going up against Razor.

Liquid pickes up the pace early with ?first blood going their way at the 3 minute mark. It was mainly the laning stage that dictated the course of the game with Ember Spirit finding a lot of farm while Naga Siren had trouble getting items. The other lanes were also in favor of Team Liquid. Things just snowballed from there and Liquid secured their consecutive win as well as their ticket to the top 16 of the International 4.

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