Dota 2 The International 4 Wildcard: Liquid Mows Down CIS

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The next game of The Dota 2 The International 4 Wildcard featured the Chinese team CIS against Team Liquid. Liquid came out strong and dominant and didn?t give their Chinese opponents any time to take advantage of the game.

Game 1


For game 1, CIS went very greedy with a lineup that included a Morphling, Faceless Void, and an Invoker as their main heroes. Liquid answered with an early game lineup together with an Outworld Destroyer for the mid lane. The strategy looked like Liquid wanted to get things done early knowing that CIS? main core heroes were both level and item dependent.

Things played out as Liquid planned as they got a quick head start by securing an early lead with their aggressive playing style. They also got ?first blood by diving the tier 1 tower of the CIS safe lane. CIS tried to counter with smoke ganks directed at the mid lane but Liquid was able to thwart it.

With the early game advantage, Liquid didn?t risk too much and patiently waited to build themselves up to deliver the killing blow. CIS tried to engage and get some kills but the early advantage proved too much at that point. Liquid won all the lanes and completely shut down the farm dependent greedy lineup of CIS.

Game 2


Being one game down, CIS this time opted for a Riki and Io combo together with a solo mid Batrider as well as an offlane Lifestealer and a roaming Mirana. Liquid, on the other hand, continued to rely on their success with their Skywrath Mage and Tidehunter combo but adding in the Weaver and the Ember Spirit as their cores. It?s a greedier lineup and CIS took advantage of it by securing an early first blood 2 minutes in.

CIS tried to dictate the pace by trying to rotate for ganks with the Lifestealer rotating for a three man gank against Tidehunter but Tidehunter was able to tank successfully and pop Ravage which cost CIS dearly. Similar clashes ensued but CIS lacked the DPS to take Liquid?s cores down.

Things started going downhill for CIS after that and Liquid capped it off with a 3-0 clash on the 18th mark of the game and took their first set of barracks.

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