Dota 2 The International 4: Solo Championships Recap

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The Dota 2 The International 4 Solo Championships have already concluded and if you missed the action, we?ll break it down for you here. There are a total of 8 players competing for the top spot in the 1v1 championships and the participants are all based on votes from the fans. In this setup, both players will be using the same hero so that it?s a matter of skill and technique rather than varying hero advantages.

Dendi VS Arteezy

Game 1 has both players use the Queen of Pain. It starts off with Dendi giving away a very early kill to Arteezy and thus eventually conceding the game.

Game 2 has both players use the Shadow Fiend and Dendi still has some questionable play as he played a little too aggressively and gave a Shadowraze advantage for Arteezy. Dendi concedes 2 minutes into the game.

Winner: Arteezy

S4 VS iceiceice

It was a Puck matchup for game 1 of S4 and iceiceice?s match. Both players started off with boots and tangoes. S4 pushes on to the high ground and dream coils iceiceice. S4 draws first blood but dies to a creep a little after that. S4 wins as iceiceice calls GG.

Game 2 has both players use Queen of Pain and S4 secured an early gold lead. Iceiceice decides to act but falls to S4 in a clash and calls GG.

Winner: S4

fy VS Resolut1on

This match also features a Puck matchup and the game was more of a creep deny battle. Resolut1on used a non-flying courier to deliver items to him and fy saw this and tried to charge deep into the high ground to kill it. This leads to fy dying and calling GG.

A strong radiant side block of the creeps gives Resolut1on a strong starting advantage. The different skill builds used played to Resolut1on?s favor as his extra Shadow Strike damage was enough to secure the kill on fy.

Winner: Resolut1on

MuShi VS Ferrari_430

Using Puck, Ferrari starts off strong by quickly harassing MuShi at dangerously low HP. Ferrari played aggressively but a well-timed counter from MuShi secures him the kill and the game.

For the Queen of Pain match, both players had different item builds but used the same skill build. Things were passive but Ferrari took a gold lead advantage and both used warding and counter warding. Ferrari comes out on top after a final clash.

The deciding game had both players use a Shadow Fiend and in what was immediately going to be a battle for souls, MuShi came out on top. MuShi tried to build on his advantage but the decision to forego boots ultimately cost him the game and the match.

Winner: Ferrari_430


S4 VS Arteezy

For the semis, Windranger was the first hero and both players were very evenly matched. Arteezy times the fight well and with no mana to Windrun away, S4 concedes the game.

Game 2 has both players use Lina and an overly aggressive play style from Arteezy as well as a failed stun attempt costs him the game.

For game 3, Shadow Fiend is the hero of choice and both players start out rather defensively. ?Arteezy tries to break the deadlock but a well-timed hit and long range raze from S4 secures the kill.

Winner: S4

Resolut1on VS Ferrari_430

Both players used Windranger and both players played aggressively by trading powershots and hits. Resolut1on tried to go aggressive by diving the tier 1 tower but his Windrun ability popped too early and Ferrari was able to pick him off.

Lina was the hero used for the second game and it was Ferrari this time that was aggressive. Ferrarri tried to use an invisibility rune but misses on a Light Strike. A long range Dragon Slave though catches Resolut1on and secures the kill and the game.

Winner: Ferrari_430


S4 VS Ferrari_430

The first match used Puck and was extremely close. Both players used different item build and S4?s patience rewards him nicely as he initiates on Ferrari from the high ground and manages to secure the kill with just 30 HP remaining.

The second match featured the Queen of Pain and both heroes still had different item builds. Ferrari has the early advantage and forces S4 to play defensively. The runes go the way of Ferrari but S4 manages to hold on. S4 starts to catch up but Ferrari initiates and lets off a combo. S4 survives the initial attack but dies due to the Shadow Strike tick.

For the final game of the championships, both players used a Shadow Fiend. The trend of varying item builds continue and S4?s greedy item build gets him the advantage early.? S4 gets boots and both players clash. Ferrari misses both razes and can?t escape from an S4 SF with boots.

Winner: S4

The series, especially the finals were relatively close but S4?s strong showing helps him win this year?s Solo Championships. Congratulations to S4!

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