Dota 2 The International 4 Prize Pool Reaches $10 Milllion

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The stakes just got bigger for the Dota 2 The International tournament. Another milestone has been achieved last Friday when the prize pool for the largest Dota 2 competition reached $10 million?and it?s still getting bigger by the minute.

In addition to the huge prize pool, the entire Dota 2 community has achieved all possible 22 stretch goals which are mostly extra in-game features. The goals were initially maxed out at $6 million, but the unexpectedly large contributions from the community easily surpassed the $6 million mark in barely a month. Valve immediately added additional goals for the community to further raise the stakes. To see the full list of stretch goals, see here.

Players can contribute to the prize pool simply by purchasing the TI4 interactive compendium which costs $10 each. The owners can further choose to buy more points to upgrade their compendiums if they want to gain access to certain premium features. 25 percent of all proceeds will go directly to the TI4 prize pool.

Since its release last May, compendium owners have already spent an estimated total of $33 million. This easily makes The International 4 tournament the largest ever prize pool of any eSports event in history?with the second largest being last year?s The International. The base prize pool contributed by Valve was just $1.6 million, like the previous years.

Last year?s TI3 was already remarkable in itself, with the community being able to raise the prize pool to roughly $2.8 million, with team Alliance from Sweden taking home the hefty first prize cut of $1.6 million. Prior to the introduction of the compendiums, the yearly prize pool has only been $1.6 million.

The International tournament is the most prestigious annual competition organized by Valve. This year, 19 teams from all over the world are participating in the grand event to be held in KeyArena in Seattle, U.S.A. The set date for the main event is on July 18-21.

Image Source: Dota 2 Official Site

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